Privacy receives Privacy by Design certification

Today’s an extremely exciting day for us. Why, you ask? Because PECB MS and KPMG have officially granted us the Privacy by Design certification. We are the first AI-powered consumer intelligence network to hold the certification, a distinction we are very proud of.

What is it?

For those who are unfamiliar with Privacy by Design, here’s a quick primer. It was developed by Dr. Ann Cavoukian, the former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Considered the global standard for privacy protection, the certification is based on seven foundational principles, which are tested using KPMG’s Privacy by Design assessment framework.

  1. Proactive not Reactive: Privacy by Design anticipates risks and prevents privacy invasive events before they happen.

  2. Privacy as the Default Setting: Personal data should be automatically protected – no action is needed by the user to protect their privacy – it is built into the system.

  3. Privacy Embedded into Design: Privacy is embedded into the design and architecture of IT systems, and becomes part of the product, service or processes’ core functionality.

  4. Positive Sum, Not Zero Sum: Privacy by Design avoids the false idea of trade-offs between privacy and security, showcasing that it is possible to have both.

  5. End-to-End Security: Privacy by Design embeds security into the system from the start, ensuring cradle-to-grave secure lifecycle management of information.

  6. Visibility and Transparency: Privacy by Design ensures operational execution aligns with policies. The end-user should know which data is collected, and for what purpose.

  7. Respect for User Privacy: Privacy by Design develops trust by choosing user-centric measures – strong privacy defaults, appropriate notice, and empowering user-friendly options.

According to Dr. Ann Cavoukian, while integrating technologies like AI can contribute to better consumer experiences, it’s only the first step.

“While AI represents an unprecedented opportunity for customer growth, it’s critical stakeholders understand the privacy, security and ethical issues associated with using the technology,” said Cavoukian. “When conducting the assessment of, we were impressed with how deeply rooted AI privacy is within the company’s framework. Their commitment to consumer privacy is outstanding and is a gold star example of how powerful AI can be when harnessed securely, with privacy embedded into its design.”

Why does it matter?

For one, the certification validates our rigorous approach to consumer privacy. It also empowers our customers with best-in-class privacy standards through our platform. Finally, the certification is a significant milestone for us, reinforcing our founding and operational principles.

“Our Trusted Signals Platform was specifically designed to help consumer businesses get the insights they need to unlock the power of AI in a secure and private way, so to be recognized as the first company in our category is a powerful proof point for us,” said our CEO, Steve Irvine.

Given ongoing privacy concerns, it’s our priority to ensure that businesses can provide a safe environment for their customers through our platform. If you’d like to learn more about the certification, or our privacy and security posture, feel free to get in touch.


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