People and Culture restructuring in response to new market realities

Change is never easy. 

Nobody understands that more than the twenty-six remarkable people we had to let go of yesterday as part of a restructuring plan. These people have been foundational to our success as a company, and we wish them all the best in the next chapter of their careers. The world is a better place because of the work they do, and in the coming days and weeks we’ll be tapping into our professional networks to support them in every way we can.

It’s no secret—the market is radically different than it was just three months ago. Since the onset of the global pandemic, market trends have indicated a pressing need for an alternative to the third-party data network, for instance: 

  • Traditional consumer enterprises are undergoing a rapid digital transformation, which has exposed a gap between them and digital native companies like Amazon

  • Enterprises are realizing that they need a lot of consumer data to run AI systems but are realizing that their first-party data is insufficient 

  • A shifting data regulatory landscape and the end of third-party cookies is forcing enterprises to supplement their own data with third-party sources that are tougher to trust

  • Historical data is proving to be less effective at predicting future business results during these unprecedented times—resulting in a real premium on timely signals and trends that can inform AI predictions

To address this growing opportunity, we have made the strategic decision to shift the full focus of our company to expanding our Trusted Signals Exchange. We currently see over 20+ billion interactions between people and businesses across a number of large consumer industries, like Retail, Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Travel and Hospitality; but we see a path to well over one trillion. We want to continue to expand membership in our network, drive adoption across our TSE-powered applications, and increase the availability of TSE signals over other platforms (like our recent integration with Shopify).

This new focus comes with a more agile operating model and a smaller services organization, as we focus more on serving the needs of our customers directly through their integration with our TSE platform and applications.

The world is changing quickly, and as a startup we need to be agile, so that we’re changing alongside it—even when it requires making really hard decisions and saying goodbye to team members that we love and respect.


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