Driving Business Results featured in Globe and Mail was recently featured in two Globe and Mail articles showcasing the exciting work that’s underway with our alpha clients, including: Corus Entertainment, Scotiabank and Kanetix Ltd. See below to learn more about how we’re working together to drive meaningful business results through these partnerships:

As Corporate Canada embraces AI, startups look to prove themselves

We’re proud to be highlighted in this article as a strong player in the AI startup ecosystem. Here’s a quote on the great success we’ve seen to-date from President and Chief Executive Officer at Corus Entertainment, Doug Murphy:

  • “The code went to work, and when Corus took’s first suggestions, they were 50 per cent more effective than past efforts at generating viewership for shows such as Siren on ABC Spark, which was promoted during commercial breaks of The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild. “There’s clearly something there,” Mr. Murphy said. “If I can move the needle on the efficacy of cross-promotions, that creates real value for me.” Now, he said, “more light bulbs are going off” inside Corus about how to solve other business challenges using artificial intelligence tools.”

  • If they can do that, the opportunity is huge, Mr. Murphy said. “Their addressable market is traditional industries that need to reinvent themselves in the digital age, and that’s basically everybody.”

How Toronto’s aims to turn corporate data into profit

This Globe and Mail article focuses exclusively on and our clients, highlighting the revenue impact we have had on businesses after only a short time in market. Andrew Lo, President and CEO at Kanetix Ltd. shared:

  • In a business where effective campaigns might increase conversions by one percentage point,’s insights led to a 13-per-cent bump for Kanetix. Mr. Lo had initially expected no improvement. Now, “we’re going to start scaling [the use of ’s tools] within our organization,” he said.


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