News and the obligation to responsibly mature AI

While there are growing discussions on the ethical implications of AI, many companies recognize its value. At, we’re aiming to address the barrier between the value of AI and how to effectively integrate AI into a company’s business processes. 

In a recent Techvibes article, reporter Max Greenwood profiles the key aspects surrounding the way our team operates and highlights our mission to help traditional companies become more customer-centric as we focus on a “discrete set of customers”. Outlined below are a few highlights! 

More than AI-as-a-service is generally described as an AI-as-a-service (AlaaS) platform, but our company’s offerings extend beyond the capabilities of a generic platform. As Greenwood notes, the service we provide for our clients involves identifying insights that can help grow their businesses as they transition from traditional decision making processes to frameworks guided by machine learning algorithms. 

In order to understand how to streamline our clients’ business processes, we apply our Trusted Signals Exchange system. We use deep learning to give clients access to rich datasets that can help address gaps within their respective companies.

Our focus on impact

Greenwood highlights our emphasis on impact throughout the article, referencing our key values: Focus on impact; take action; be present; love people; build trust. We’re proud of the culture we’ve built, and we continue to ensure that our team is empowered and accountable. 

Our deep feedback process fosters a self-regulating environment, and we encourage our teams to set goals for themselves. We want to breed a culture of constant self-improvement, and support our employees as they work on their personal and professional development.

Committing to ethical AI

In conjunction with our values as a company, we’re also committed to emphasizing security, privacy and ethics in the way we operate. Greenwood points out the bias and stereotyping issue surrounding AI, and we’ve always sought to approach AI with an ethical mindset that strays away from ambiguous data sets and morally corrupt algorithms. As we adhere to the best interests of our people, we also focus on working towards the best interests of our clients and help lead them to success.

As we continue to scale, we’re dedicated to maintaining the solid foundation of our business that allows us to stand against other competitors in the growing AI industry.


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