News maintains a unique spot in the Canadian AI Ecosystem

Nikkei recently featured in an article profiling the growth of the Canadian AI ecosystem and global leaders such as Geoffrey Hinton who saw the potential in Canadian research talent long before others did.

Steve Irvine, Founder and CEO of has deep Canadian roots, but when he decided to leave Facebook in late 2016, he had plenty of options on where to start his new venture. Steve had been living in Silicon Valley for over a decade, so his network there ran deep. That’s all to say he was intimately familiar with tech talent in the Bay area.

Despite this, Steve knew Toronto was a hotbed for AI talent. That’s one reason why he chose to launch in the city. Another, is Toronto’s leadership in AI research, starting with Dr. Geoffrey Hinton’s breakthroughs in artificial neural networks.

Geoffrey Hinton, known as the Godfather of AI, has long called the University of Toronto home.  His research dates back decades, but in recent years his work and the accomplishments of those who trained under him, has drawn significant attention globally, contributing to Toronto’s thriving AI startup scene.

 The University of Toronto is home to Geoffrey Hinton, and is proud to call Toronto home.


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