AI and Beyond: What banks can learn from Retailers to Boost Customer Acquisition
AI and Beyond: What banks can learn from Retailers to Boost Customer Acquisition
AI and Beyond: What banks can learn from Retailers to Boost Customer Acquisition

AI and Beyond: What Banks Can Learn From Retailers to Boost Customer Acquisition

Retailers have undoubtedly moved faster and have had better success than the financial services industry in delivering better, more relevant experiences. Digital banking teams have succeeded in driving traffic to their banks’ websites, but when it comes to helping prospects research and apply for financial products, the results have been mixed. And while banks have fixed the basics and enabled needs-based customer journeys, over time they hit a “conversion plateau” because they are unable to accurately anticipate the needs of their prospects and personalize interactions to help them along in the journey.


Peter Wannemacher, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Peter serves digital strategy leaders at banks, advising them on how to better win, engage, and retain customers. He works with bank executives and their digital teams to challenge thinking and lead change in the banking market. Peter’s strategic frameworks help banks prepare for digital disruption and the future of financial services. He leads Forrester’s ongoing digital banking benchmark research, a series of assessments covering companies’ online banking, tablet banking, mobile banking, and digital sales efforts. This includes a recent global mobile banking benchmark that reviewed 53 banks from 18 countries across six continents.

Rahim Kaba, VP of Marketing,

Rahim is VP of Marketing at and brings nearly two decades of B2B technology experience. In past roles, he partnered with financial institutions on the what, why, and how of improving digital trust across their use cases and channels. In his current role, he is proud to work for a company that cares about privacy and ethics and is working to make responsible AI a reality across consumer enterprise.

Key takeaways:

Our guest speaker, Forrester principal analyst, Peter Wannemacher, and’s VP of Marketing, Rahim Kaba, will explore promising new developments with AI and cross-industry intelligence that empower banks to leverage insights from other industries to gain a better understanding of their prospects’ needs.

  • How AI and cross-industry intelligence can help banks identify their ‘next best customer’ and boost digital customer acquisition and engagement.
  • How to achieve effective personalized experiences without relying on personally identifiable information (PII).
  • How consumer behavioral insights rather than individual identities and PII can ultimately create more customer trust and loyalty

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