Videos Leading the Movement to Signals

To succeed in today’s AI-powered world, you don’t need more data…


…You need rich, relevant insights you can trust.

Imagine a world where you can safely gain insights from other companies across other industries to make better decisions in real time. Creating this world requires a more powerful system for sharing insights built for, and by, AI. That is why is leading the movement to Signals.

Signals are rich, machine-learning-derived insights about consumers’ needs that are generated from actual consumer behavior. Built on pseudonymous data, they’re packaged to connect heterogeneous data sets and help data scientists and machine learning models make more accurate predictions that drive business outcomes while protecting consumer privacy.


Use Signals today through the Trusted Signals Network

The Trusted Signals Network (TSN) houses a robust library of cross-industry Signals, about things like brand loyalty and purchasing power, that are built on tens of billions of dynamic second-party customer interactions. By joining the TSN, you gain access to Signals from other industries such as telecommunications, financial services, travel and hospitality, and retail that amplify your customer insights while enriching your knowledge with new perspectives.

Contact us to discuss how you can join the movement to Signals, and make more accurate, actionable, and safer consumer decisions.


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