Signals Toolkit for Data Scientists
Signals Toolkit for Data Scientists
Signals Toolkit for Data Scientists
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Signals Toolkit for Data Scientists

To help you build more powerful machine models without the frustration of using 3rd-party data, and get better business outcomes from your models, we’ve created the Signals Toolkit on our Trusted Signals Network (TSN). Through the Signals Toolkit, data scientists get access to ML-ready Signals that are appended as additional features to your existing training and test sets with a simple join.

We are now offering data scientists access to the Signals Toolkit as part of an Alpha program called Project Sandman. Want to join Alpha and see how easy it is to work with Signals?

Click here to learn more and sign up.

Build Better Machine Learning Models, Quicker, with Signals

In this demo video, we demonstrate how Signals are easily created and appended to ML training and test data to boost model performance:

  • Sending your de-identified data sets to IAI using Transmitter, a secure data transfer tool
  • Using common grounds to create connections with other datasets in the Trusted Signals Network to generate Signals about your customers
  • Downloading a Signals file and joining the Signals to your dataset
  • Tracking model performance metrics improvements in the Signals Toolkit Software

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