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Tap into the Trusted Signals Network to operationalize Signals and improve your business outcomes.

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Trusted Signals Platform Trusted Signals Platform

We use Signals to power our customer intelligence network

Our Trusted Signals Network (TSN) houses a robust library of cross-industry Signals, about things like brand loyalty and purchasing power, that are built on more than 20 billion dynamic second-party customer interactions. Join the TSN to amplify your customer insights while enriching your knowledge with perspectives from other industries.

Turbocharge customer-centric business outcomes through the TSN

Unlike other data and insights providers, the TSN gives you unparalleled access to a growing library of rich, relevant Signals that are dynamically updated to capture context and improve your business outcomes.

Network-based opinions

Network-based opinions

Reveal patterns that you otherwise wouldn’t see and avoid groupthink by enriching your knowledge with relevant customer insights from other industries.

Companies that leverage Signals have seen a 10 to 20% increase in their marketing campaign conversion rates.

AI-driven Signal matching

Accelerate your data fabric ROI by relating disparate first-, second-, and third-party data sets without schema matches or user base overlap.

Access Signals from telecommunications, financial services, travel & hospitality, and retail.

Privacy by design

Be confident that your sensitive customer and business information is protected; Signals are anonymous and data is never shared, pooled, nor mixed with other customers or third parties.

We were the first AI company in the world to achieve a Privacy by Design certification. Our platform is CCPA, GDPR, and PIPEDA compliant.

How the TSN works

The TSN extracts Signals from companies across industries, packages them for purpose, and uses them to solve different machine learning tasks and business problems.

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