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Create more relevance and trust with every interaction.

Our platform generates accurate consumer insights thanks to the world’s first cross-industry intelligence exchange, ensuring you get clarity without compromising privacy. Find out who’s likeliest to convert across your channels and deliver individualized experiences that make it happen.


Increase conversion and optimize revenue

Our AI-powered customer intelligence platform uses machine learning to increase visitor-to-buyer conversions, translating into a 25-50% lift over current conversion rates and optimizing for revenue across your product lines and channels.

Find your next best customer by turning meaningful behavioral insights into accurate predictions about a visitor’s likelihood to purchase. Deliver individualize experiences to the right people in real time and start converting more visitors into customers across your digital channels.

Unlike other solutions in the market, integrate.ai uses responsible AI techniques to deliver valuable and meaningful interactions without compromising consumer privacy and trust.



AI software, as a service

We’re not a model shop or AI consulting firm. Our SaaS platform integrates into your tech stack, enriching data with insights from other industries to paint a complete picture of your customer. And we do it without sacrificing privacy or security.

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Get the whole picture.

The Trusted Signals Exchange™ pulls meaningful insights from third-party intelligence to help you drive more value out of every customer interaction. That means you gain a better understanding of what your visitors need to convert before they show up on any of your channels.

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Privacy and trust first.

We’re putting responsible AI into practice across consumer enterprise. That’s why we never use personally identifiable information (PII). Privacy and ethics inform everything we do, from how we built our platform to the customers we work with.

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The power of AI, in your hands.

Our business applications provide users with insights that drive informed decisions, ensuring that every action you take in market maximizes value—for you, and your customers.

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Invested in your success.

That means your project is supported by a dedicated team of experts, from implementation to execution.

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Customer Success Implementation Directors

Our directors support every aspect of your project, big or small, from start to finish. They mitigate project risk, increase time to market, and free up your IT resources.

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Data and Machine Learning Scientists

Draw from a talent pool that includes some of the leading minds in data and machine learning science to drive more value from your data.

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Product Managers

Our product managers work closely with you to understand your requirements and translate them into capabilities your customers actually need.



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"Integrate.ai allows us to understand a customer’s intent to purchase. Now, we can provide the appropriate level of service to that customer, whether that’s an individualized online experience that helps them convert, or an opportunity to connect with an agent over the phone when they need it."

— Janine White, VP of Marketplaces and Strategy Development at Kanetix Ltd.

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#1 in data intelligence for solution capability & innovation

Enabler of a Unified Customer Experience (June 2019 Report). The report assesses companies that generate insights using data captured from multiple systems across channels to build an integrated customer and/or operational view.


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